Mar 2, 2011

Space and Time…

It has been long since Einstein first hypothesized the equations of space and time! We now know a lot of things from those. I specially liked the theory of wormholes. It says space frame can bend on itself and thus two points in space can become one! The resultant doorway is called a wormhole. But the idea never got proved. If it had.. it could have been a boon for mankind. Just think of it- sons away from home could come back in a jiffy, people late for work would be office in an instant, distant lovers could meet anytime! But alas!

When we all talk handy dandy about love.. do we really mean it?? Or do we just go with the flow? We say love can win over boundaries but can it solace a lover’s mind 300km away from his partner- no! Neither can love win over time  and let lovers be apart for years or decades. I say life is weird every one knows these but still say stuffs to console them! “Love is a mysterious thing, a magic” they say, but I really really doubt it. Well yes some part of it is, you never know how you like a person or meet one, and how you might end up having a date of your lifetime. But what will happen if the lovers are separated by this horrendous equations of Einstein! Well they just succumb to the forces.. !

I know such a couple a fine and dandy one indeed, a breed of pure new age love with shades of old school platonic. They love each other, in fact love was rather fast for them… they were neck deep in love within days after they met. everything’s just fine until those equations showed up! The basic problem is they live miles apart, for professional reasons, and none can afford to change there current places; the result is catastrophe! It starts with a simple talk of how they might live without each other so long, and slowly turns into a graver matter! The boy at first tries to console the girl, but to no effect, the boy eventually loses temper and chides the girl. But as things happen they make up all right! But the distance stays.. the girl vows never to talk of it again and the boy calms down. But a splinter has entered the boys mind. He ponders and wonders whether he can keep his girl happy! Well that part is for time to tell! Does physical presence such a necessary part of love.. well it is, but what  if there are constraints?! Can couples have a good life ahead of them living away from each other!? Or will they eventually be pulled away by the dark forces!

Feb 27, 2011


I have  been watching "A beautiful mind", "October sky" and "the social network" again for the third time!
and I have been thinking how do this people come up with the originality and so wonder of ideas! Young enterpriser are becoming the order of the day! Creativity has always been the next big thing! But why is so hard if one needs to create something? Everybody loves new things, then why is it that there a re so many stipulations!? The thought has been in my mind for quite sometime now and its when i see the works of these great people that I become obesessed with this idea! Did Mark really steal the idea of facebook from someone else.. or he was just inspired from something! Were the Winklevoss just being green eyed to see facebook grow! Or was it a intellectual theft!? wat do u think?

Prologue !

Okay! guys so here I am doing another of webs most intoxicating hobbies,... always wanted to but could never get enough courage to start one.
Hope dis blog will be seeing enough visitors and comments... Am counting on u guys! :)